“We hired Lisa to come into our home and help us with getting organized. From the outside, our house looks great…clean, organized, not overly cluttered.  However, when you open the cabinet doors in the kitchen and baths, or the laundry room cabinets, you would quickly see where all of the clutter ended up ~ behind the closed doors!

Lisa came in for a free consultation and we immediately decided to give it a try.  We scheduled a time for her to come and spend 2 days organizing. When Lisa left, she had successfully organized the kitchen cabinets, desk and pantry closet, the kids’ bathroom, our master bath and our laundry room. They look AMAZING!  She went through and discarded all expired products, foods, etc. She had several large garbage bags of trash as well as several large bags of donated items.

What we realized when Lisa left is that life is so much easier without all the clutter in your life! It is neater, cleaner and so much easier to keep organized on our own now! 

Lisa is amazing and does an excellent job!  We would highly recommend her!”


“I have never been a good housekeeper.  Clutter usually follows me everywhere we move.  When we purchased the house that my in-laws had lived in for the past 15 years, it was out of control.  They moved into a 2 bedroom trailer, and didn’t have room for most of the things they had in this 3600 sq foot farmhouse.  So it stayed, along with all of our things.  A few months into the purchase my husband was grumpy, and I was depressed because our house was a mess.  I had no where to put our things, because most of his parents items were still here.  He told me that I HAD to hire someone to help me.  After my internet search I was lucky enough to find Lisa.   What a blessing she has been.  In the 3 days she was here, she  helped me to throw out more unwanted items than I could have done on my own.  She helped me get organized, and now my house looks amazing.  It feels like home.  Everything has it’s place, and she taught me so many things that have helped me in the months since she was here.  I am already looking for new projects for her to come help me with.  Thank you so much Lisa, for saving my sanity and my home!  You have a gift, and I’m glad you are sharing that gift!”

– ME

“Lisa is an excellent organizer. She is has good ideas and is reliable. I have great difficulty getting rid of things-every evening Lisa took the things l decided to give away with her when she left and delivered them to The Epilepsy Foundation for me which was really great as then I was not tempted to change my mind and hang onto them. I also love having my spices alphabetized – so much easier to find things!”


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